19 August 2012

My First Purse with Metal Frame

 I bought a frame some time ago when i traveled. I would like to try out a new craft. 

I was looking for the way to make myself a purse with frame but I had no idea how to sew the frame with my fabric.  The brief instruction attached was not in detail and it mentioned pliers which confused me what to do with it.  I put aside the frame until one day i accidentally found this blog UHandbag.  I was so excited that i understood the tutorial which is very clear enough.  Immediately, I chose the little red hood fabric which i bought in Taipei and started to sew one.

I was generous enough with the glue ( I think I was) but it was quite difficult for me to insert the edge of my purse to the channels of the frame. Anyway, I'm so glad that I still able to complete this purse! Thanks Lisa, the blogger of UHandbag.   

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