24 June 2010

Red Bean Bun

My friend loves the red bean bun from a bakery in this town. She recommends that it is not too sweet and just nice. She definitely buys it when she comes for holiday. Well, I finally have a chance to buy it from the shop for my breakfast today.

Oh my goodness! Look! There is a big hole inside with little red bean paste. It has too much empty space inside the bun. I try the second bun, it is the same. I'm not sure whether it is due to cut cost nowadays as my friend recommended me one year ago.

04 June 2010


I was busy tidying up my room and packing my stuff for the past few weeks before I travelled.

One of the pets in the house where I transit at that town and stay few days is the dog called 'Boy'. He likes to peep into the house and he looks like a cartoon character.

Finally I come to this small town which has high blackout frequency. The weather here is very hot. The 10-days-old crying puppies become quiet immediately after the fan is switched on for them!