18 October 2010


Here are other cute puppies. There are more siblings here.

Watching their daily behavior, they are similar to human kids. Playing with their siblings, fighting and even barking to each other! It is funny that the way they run is just like drunk as they are still learning to run.

I like to play with them.

They look so eager for someone to play with them and pat them.
They look so curious at my camera too.

08 October 2010

Pets II

Four siblings are grown up together. They still cry when the weather is hot.

Look, can you differentiate which is which? Their colors are so similar.

Well, they look like their mother which is of Doberman breed while the father is of Rottweiler breed.

They are agile.

04 October 2010

Proper Bookstore is Nowhere

In the past, I was staying in town and city which have bookstores.

I love reading and I can go to a bookstore spending my leisure time before I buy any books.

This has become my history.

I have shifted to a small town for a simpler life.

I have nowhere to go when I feel I want to flip through hardcopy of new books and do some books shopping!

Well, I think I should catch up with the technology and do books shopping from the e-bookstores.

However, the feel is totally different. Should a simple life equivalent to no books shopping at traditional bookstores? I wonder.