09 May 2012

Burger at Soul Sweet

There are not many shops selling burgers in this small town.  We go to try out the burger at Soul Sweet.  I am not sure whether it is a chain store or franchise but that is not important to me.  The more important is its taste and its price.

We are so surprised that no matter its smell, its appearance and its colour, it is not worse than branded burger!    The sesame on top is not like other burgers that only appear a few seeds on top.

There are few layers in between and hence the whole burger is thick and attractive.  Of course, I am comparing it with those burgers with only a piece of meat, a piece of lettuce and some mayonnaise which form a thin burger.    

Apart from the appearance, it is so delicious that we will go to dine-in again.  This has become another form of encouragement for the kids to study harder (and smarter) and to 'redeem' this as a reward.  Oh yes, the price of the burger is RM3.80 each.  

I personally like the taste of the coffee frappuccino there too.  The only regret is insufficient of cream on top.

It is a pleasant afternoon break and we plan to go again soon.

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