26 June 2011

My Camera Pouch

I have my very first digital camera since few years ago. It was first spoilt at Singapore Zoo when I visited there. I could not take any photos there. Well, it was just after one year warranty period and I required to spend for the lens repairing.

One year later, I brought the repaired camera to visit Hong Kong. On the first day, it spoilt again. I did not intend to send it for repairing any more.

I bought another new digital camera which is about 50% cheaper than my previous camera. They are of the same brand. There is no camera pouch in the package. According to the sales person, if I buy a camera costs 50% more expensive, there will be a free camera pouch. Well, I prefer to save that few hundred dollars. I sew it myself. Here it is - the padded blue colour pouch with sweet pink strings and tag!

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