03 October 2011

Chess Mat

The boys love to play Chinese Chess. The chess paper attached in the box of chess is wear and tear. The lines on it is faded. The paper is so light that while they are playing the chess, the wind will blow the corner of the paper. It always interrupts their games.

Well, let me think of a way to solve this problem. I use a piece of felt and sew the lines on it.

Another piece of fabric sewn behind.

Now, they are so happy that they can play the games on this new chess mat. They can see the lines on it and they are not interrupted by the wind anymore.

I found that other games also play on the board with 8x8 rows and columns such as Draught and Othello (or formerly called Reversi). Both of these do not have a 'river' in between. Hence, the mat that i sewn here can be used to play other games!

We have been searching for the Othello game set in the town but we are unable to get one. Hence, we bought 2 sets of smaller Chinese Chess so that there are 64 chess pieces. Now, we can play the Othello game on this mat too.

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