30 September 2011

Busy September 2011

Time flies. It is the end of September. I have been busy in this month. I have not accessed blogs for a month.

I helped a family to take care of their boys while the parents went travelling. I woke up early around 5.30am to get ready for the boys to go to school. I sent them to school every morning and fetched them home in the afternoon. I prepared simple lunch and dinner for them as well. It was their school examination period and I helped them to do revision. I also took care of the pets and plants for the parents while they were away. Well, it was tiring but a good experience.

After that, it was my turn to go travelling. Although it was just less than a week, I walked most of the time for almost ten hours a day! After I am back from the trip, I am so tired but still worth it.

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