29 August 2010

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

After reading "zakkaArt: Simple Happiness: a good news and a bad one" about the blogger's child having Hand Foot Mouth disease, it recalls my experience.

It was an afternoon that I started feeling cold in office. I guessed it was due to cooling weather as it was drizzling outside. Later on, I felt colder and sick. I could not concentrate at work. Hence I left the office 2.5 hour earlier. It was around 4pm and I was heading to a panel clinic near my house. I waited for a bus and went to a train station. From the train station, I must transit at a crowded train interchange before I could reach the clinic. On the train, there was no vacant seat available as I believed it was the time just after schooling. It was such a long journey for me to stand all the way for more than 1 hour. Finally I reached the clinic before 5.30pm. There were about 6 patients before my turn. I was sitting there and waited for long.

The doctor measured my temperature few times and told me that I have high fever. She was so kind that advised me to take a taxi home as it was raining outside.

I rested at home the next day as per doctor advice. Fever had gone but the base of my feet started feeling pain when I walked. On the third day, I went to the clinic again before going to office. It was another doctor on duty. I showed him the red dots under my feet. I told him I suspect it is HFMD. He shook his head and told me that I was allergic to the Panadol that I had taken 2 days ago. Hence after the one day rest, I went to office and walked slowly for the whole day.

After all, 4 of my family members started sick and their doctors confirmed that they have Hand Foot Mouth Disease. One of the doctors even advised them to stay at home for 2 weeks.

(picture shows my recovering foot)
I believed I was sick due to this same disease. When the blisters appeared under my feet, I confirmed that it was Hand Foot Mouth Disease. I was the one who spread the disease to them. I was so curious that why the doctor unable to diagnose it when I showed him my bare feet?


  1. the disease was terrible! Now i'm having phobia for it. Hope you are not feeling the same way as I do.

  2. Wynn, it is not a phobia for me as time passes by. Hope it won't be a long term phobia for you.