07 May 2010

Origami Lucky Stars

The Labor Day falls on a Saturday this year. We had nowhere to go as we expected everywhere would be crowded. The kids took some paper strips and asked me for help. They wanted to have some origami lucky stars. I did this many years ago. My late sister taught me and we folded them together. I still keep the stars we folded in a jar. Hence I took it out and showed it to the kids. Then I showed them the steps to fold these five point stars.

We finished folding the stars very soon. Kids were happy and spent the time easily.
They wondered if the stars shining in the dark. We took out the stars at night and put them in the dark. There was no shining at all. Then we took them under dim light. ‘Yes! They are shining a little bit!’ Kids get excited easily.
stars under dim lightThey learnt origami during this holiday and they did not feel boring anymore even though they only stayed at home.

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